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Food from Marcus - how it started

Mat fra Marcus- hvordan det startet


At a time when I could barely tell a sauté pan from a soup pot, I jumped headlong into gastronomic recklessness. At just 21 years old, I opened my own restaurant in Sweden, a brave pioneer with ambitions that exceeded my culinary skills. But while my early dishes may not have been Michelin star material, I quickly grew into the role and created a place where food and passion unite.


When I returned to Oslo, my journey took a more intricate form. From being a head chef at a restaurant, to managing a canteen, and finally as a production manager for a whole chain of restaurants - my jobs have been diverse.. I juggled not only knives and pots, but also logistics, the staff and the challenges which comes with a hectic restaurant routine.


To add some extra spice, I threw myself into sales and marketing.
I took charge of an energetic team of salespeople – a colorful bunch that not only challenged my culinary skills, but also my abilities as a motivator, leader and solution-oriented problem solver.
Here I learned the art of leading, communicating and coping with both ups and downs.
My adventure took a new turn when I started taking on private chef assignments.

As demand grew, one of my customers advised me to create a website so more people could discover Food from Marcus. The name was a spontaneous choice, and the personal and fun touch made it an immediate hit. I set up a website as a private chef, and from there the journey began.


As the assignments got bigger, I needed a bigger kitchen and a team of dedicated professionals. Soon I had a competent team of 15 people, ready to tackle everything from fine dining to large events. But with growth came new challenges, and I knew I needed a skilled head chef who could maintain quality and take responsibility for further development.
My small kitchen became a huge culinary powerhouse, and my intimate staff grew into a competent team that could handle everything from fine dining to epic events.

I found my culinary soulmate, a chef who could balance flavors, responsibility and growth.
Thus began the next chapter in
my gastronomic journey - Happy Catering.
A blend of culinary mastery,
teamwork and a good dose of laughter.
Continue to explore our culinary
adventure under Happy Catering. 🍽️✨