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From taste experiences to business opportunities - experience a food journey where innovation and quality products go hand in hand to elevate your kitchen.


Consultant available to raise
the standard of your restaurant or
catering – improve quality and efficiency.

Concept developer

Bring your vision to life with me as a concept developer - tailor-made
solutions that set the standard
in the industry.

Private Chef

Explore unique taste experiences with me
as your private chef – a culinary journey tailored to you.

Food from Marcus

What am I doing?

Entrepreneur, consultant and concept developer within the restaurant and catering industry. Creative soul and private chef who creates unique culinary experiences. Contact me to optimize your business and take your gastronomic journey to new heights!

Food from Marcus

How did it start?

The Box - A Culinary Expansion

Investment-ready concept -
Built for speed

Invest in The Box, a culinary masterpiece created with dedication and expertise. Our carefully considered approach, extensive testing and sustainable principles make it not just a food concept, but an investment in culinary success. Ready for expansion with eight innovative concepts, The Box is the dining experience and business opportunity of the future!

The story

Food from Marcus: Culinary pioneer
The Box: Global food journey
Happy Catering: The joy of collaboration
Timelines of gastronomy and creativity.


Launch of Food from Marcus

From restaurant owner in Sweden to chef, production manager and canteen manager in Oslo. After a period of sales and marketing, it was time to start again - now for myself.



The Box

The Box started as a simple idea from colleagues who wanted lunch boxes. The simple idea evolved into thorough experimentation, testing and passionate exploration to create a culinary journey that celebrates taste and quality.



Launch of Happy Catering

After the successful operation of "Mat fra Marcus" we are taking the leap with "Happy Catering." With Dzintars, we create taste experiences that go beyond expectations.


First rule:
The eyes eat first.
Make your meal
a visual feast!

Introducing The Box

How did the idea come about?

A culinary journey from a simple concept to authentic hot dishes and exclusive desserts. Join our investment-ready dining experience and shape the culinary journey of the future!


Elevate Your Kitchen

Welcome to Elyoki, the place where food and beauty meet! We elevate your kitchen experience with beautiful food pictures, stylish table settings and unique products. With us you will find the latest in culinary pleasure and elegance. Explore our selection, create magic in your kitchen, and experience why Elyoki is the place for extraordinary food and lifestyle!

Happy Catering

What are we doing today?

Explore culinary expertise with Happy Catering! From daily corporate lunches to exclusive events, our passionate team delivers first-class food and service, for a tasteful experience.

Happy Catering

A Culinary Adventure

Explore our journey from "Food from Marcus" to "Happy Catering". The start was like a fun rollercoaster of food enjoyment and growth. The meeting with Dzintars, our master chef, brought a new dimension to our culinary adventures. Together we created not only food, but a community. Read our history and discover what makes us unique.


What are the plans for the future?

Join Elyoki on a culinary journey! Discover premium products,
participate in competitions, and enjoy
exclusive benefits.
Our story expands with food-
and drinking courses, wine tours to
Italy and more.
Read more to become part of our tasty community!

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Chocolate mousse with raspberry jelly and hazelnut crumble

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Caramelized apples with mascarpone cream and oat crumble

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