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"From taste experiences to business opportunities – experience a food journey where innovation and quality products go hand in hand to elevate your kitchen."

Elyoki - How did it start?

In my many years as a chef, I was not only asked about food recipes, but also about the very essential: which porcelain and glassware you should use at home. I began to realize that the presentation of food and drink has more to say than you think. Let me serve you a funny example:

The image of a simple pasta bolognese on a plastic plate gives instant kid-friendly vibes. But throw the same dish on an elegant plate, and suddenly you think you're sitting in a Michelin-starred restaurant. It's about decorating the food a little to make the whole thing more tempting. Another example is red wine. Pouring red wine into a white plastic cup from the dentist gives a kind of "uh-oh" feeling, while serving it in a proper wine glass gives you that extra glamour. So here began my journey, because I wanted you to enjoy food and drink with your eyes - and a little smile.

These small but significant details were the inspiration behind Elyoki - a concept that is all about giving your kitchen experience a real facelift. Elyoki stands for "elevate your kitchen," where the first two letters of each word become Elyoki. We have carefully selected fantastic products from renowned brands such as Chef & Sommelier, Smeg, and much more, to give your kitchen the extra lift it actually deserves.

So why not give your kitchen a makeover and enjoy food and drink with a big smile? Explore our future plans under "What is the idea going forward?" - it will be fun, it will be tasty, and it will definitely be uplifting! 🍽️💫