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"From taste experiences to business opportunities – experience a food journey where innovation and quality products go hand in hand to elevate your kitchen."

Happy Catering -
Tasty moments from the start

The story of "Food from Marcus" and my cooking adventure has been like a fun roller coaster. As our success grew, I realized I needed a real buddy who shared our joy of food and our visions. I wanted more than just a good cook; I wanted a partner who was really committed to what we were doing.

Then Dzintars appeared, recommended through friends. He was a master in the kitchen, with experience from fine dining, and from the first time we met, it felt like we spoke the same language. The only thing was that Dzintars tended to get restless and seek new challenges after a while, as if he were on a culinary adventure hunt.
To test whether we could work well together, we gave Dzintars the job as head chef at "Mat fra Marcus". After a year of hard work, it became clear - we worked really well together, our visions were strengthened, and our pace matched perfectly. That's when we realized we should work together. We agreed on our goals, but there was one thing we all agreed on - our work should be fun.
The joy we felt at work should shine through in everything we made.

This is how "Happy Catering" came to be, a celebration of cooking, passion and genuine joy. And as we grew, we moved into a larger kitchen that could handle the growing demand. It became our new culinary home, and "Happy Catering" became more than just a business - it became a community of food enthusiasts.

Today, when you take a closer look at our history, you will discover what makes Happy Catering something extra special. We didn't just take the challenges of growth with a smile; we did it with a bigger kitchen, bigger dreams and still the same joy to create memorable dining experiences.